Oops! Excuse Me, Please!

Bob taught Cookie Monster to wipe his mouth, Oscar the Grouch to be considerate, and Big Bird to keep an eye out for the little guy. Now, Bob is teaching all children about manners.

28 humorously illustrated scenes show boys and girls dealing with good manners. Like many good stories, the vignettes have gentle morals. For example, nobody is having fun on the playground swings, because everybody is pushing and forgetting to take turns…until Shelly yells out, “Taking turns works!”

Kids will recognize and identify with the scenes and situations right away. Elizabeth creates havoc and a real mess in the cafeteria when she pushes the girl in front of her and causes a spill. Outrageous behavior by Dick and Edmund at the movies makes it impossible for the people around them to enjoy the film. But kids can be polite, too. Carla remembers to say “please” while trying on her 10th pair of new shoes. Thoughtful Rosita gets a big smile from Dad while helping with the dinner dishes. Will feels great after writing his first thank you note to Aunt Meg.

Learning manners is an important part of growing up, and the boys and girls who open this book will enjoy the stories — even as they receive gentle and good-natured reminders of what manners are all about.

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  • “This is a great book to sit and read at the table. It offers preschoolers the opportunity to talk about their day and things that might have happened that they did or didn’t like. It gives real-life examples of situations children have to deal with and offers reasonable tools for them to use on the preschool level.”

    Madeleine "mom of 5" - Amazon 5 Star Review
  • “My kids choose this book out of the whole pile, and they tell me the stories — they relate what is happening in the picture and tell me what is right…My previous favorite manners book had been Richard Scarry, but I think this one is even better.”

    M. Heiss - Amazon 5 Star Review
  • “The illustrations are clear and appealing to children. It depicts a variety of situations and is non-narrative, so you don’t have to read the entire book in one go (it’s ok to skip around).”

    KAB - Amazon 5 Star Review
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