Everyone Asked About You

Sing Me a Story

13 sensational songs that both kids and parents will enjoy! It’s a great way to expose your child or class to the sounds of Pop, South African, Country, New Orleans Stride, March, Reggae, and Funk, all played by world-class musicians.

The lyrics are catchy and filled with whimsical themes that encourage creative play. I Want Dessert for Dinner echoes a sentiment many children have wished for, and Dinosaur Swing is a prehistoric dance tune your kids will love. Other certain favorites include the endearing opening song Everyone Asked about You and Your Face, which offers plenty of opportunities to learn about the parts of your face while making some funny faces.

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Winner of Children’s Music Web Award in 2002

Track Listing

1. Everyone Asked About You
2. Zip-Zing-Flip-Flop
3. Your Face
4. Read Me a Story
5. Fishin’ For a Ticklin’
6. Family Hug
7. Elbows Off the Table
8. I Want Dessert for Dinner
9. I Wanna Do It by Myself
10. Give a Little Love Away
11. Silly Kinda Day
13. Dinosaur Swing



  • “Hurray! This uplifting new recording contains original songs that celebrate the joys of childhood and Bob’s delight in being a grandfather. Of special note is the cheerfully contagious Everyone Asked About You.”

    Sesame Street Parents, Jill Jarnow
  • “This album is absolutely fantastic! I’ve had it in a cassette form since it first came out. It addresses topics that are very appropriate for young children for them to relate to. Each song has a wonderful melody and rhythm to it. They are funny, silly, and extremely entertaining for children and even adults to listen to. I find the music very enjoyable, where I want to listen to it over and over again, and sing the songs to my kids. I used this tape quite a bit when I worked in a pediatric rehabilitation hospital for children of all different ages and I found that every kid connected to it in some way. Overall, this music is an excellent choice for children aiding in self-esteem, humor, and plain old fun!”

    iTUNES Review, Debelicious
  • “We have listened to this album since our daughter was a newborn, and enjoy it today when she’s 3+. Everyone Asked About You, the first song, is a stand-out favorite but the whole disc is great. If you watched Sesame Street as a kid, you may already know and love Bob. Pass him on to your own kids.”

    iTUNES Review, nyc mama

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After recording five albums of songs written by others, I decided it was about time to try my hand at recording a few originals. I knew I was going to need a lot of help putting this album together, so I called a multi-talented musician by the name of Kristian Rex.

Kristian and I spent a few months determining what kind of album this should be. One of my top priorities was to hire some of the very best professional acoustic musicians possible. Kristian brought in a few of New York City’s top studio musicians and ran all the recording sessions. It was nothing less than thrilling listening to Nils Lofgren, Will Lee, Cyril Baptista, Chris Botti, and others bring their own unique styles into the studio. I called upon my old friend Dick Hyman from the Sing Along With Mitch Miller TV show for piano and organ. All of these talented musicians wanted children to hear the very best their instruments could offer, and because of their dedication, several of the selections have become staples in schools around the country.

Kristian wrote three original songs for the album, and he and I worked on six together. We also thought it would be fun to write a song based on a children’s book, but which one? A few days later Kristian’s son brought home a book from the library written by Theodore Gross. Kristian read it to him that night and called me the next morning very excited because he thought he had found the perfect book to set to music. Inspired by Paul Simon’s collaborations with the South African male choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Kristian wrote the music for Everyone Asked About You.

At many NAEYC conferences around the country, I’ve heard from teachers how much they love this song. It’s terrific to hear teachers talk about how they’ve created theatrical plays around this song and how well it works as an introduction to a multi-cultural lesson.

I  hope you and your children enjoy this album as much as Kristian and I enjoyed putting it together for you.

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