“YOUR FACE” A song for 4 to 6-year-olds (with video)
This song was written by Ken Baron, a teacher in Milwaukee. It almost didn’t make it into the final cut for the CD because at first glance it seemed to be for a much younger child than the songs we had chosen for Sing Me a Story. However, my Co-Producer Kristian Rex created a very upbeat accompaniment much like the Beatles tune Ob-La Di, Ob-La-Da. It has become a song I always include in my live concerts and I have used it with a full adult cast in many Telethons. Everyone loves making all the faces. This song is on Sing Me a Story.


Special thanks to my daughter for producing this video with the help of her friends, Astrid Cravens and Billy Greene, who are responsible for the wonderful claymation scenes. Billy Greene left this earth in 2001. He is missed greatly. Please enjoy his last animated film Thoughtbubble and some of his earlier works here.

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