Uh Oh! Gotta Go!

Uh Oh! Gotta Go! features 27 humorous vignettes based on real-life potty training experiences involving Bob’s children or children of friends. Each vignette is designed to help parents and children face the realities of toilet training with peace, whimsy, and humor. Caution: this is not your traditional potty book!

Toddlers will laugh when they see Mark picking out a potty at the toy store. Back at home, Toby doesn’t quite make it to the potty. He’ll have better luck next time. Jordan waits until the last minute too…but hooray! We see him in the bathroom, and we know he made it on time. Alison is proud because she uses a grown-up toilet, and Amanda reads a picture book while she sits on her potty.

Neither parents nor children need to take potty training too seriously, because sooner or later, everything works out just fine. That’s the message at the heart of this cheerful book.

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  • “This is not your typical potty book. It shows little people interacting with their potties in all sorts of ways — rapping out a beat, choosing the perfect potty, bedtime rituals, toilet paper rituals, underpants. This puts a smile on the face of my five-year-old, and my three-year-old is “totally” absorbed.”

    M. Heiss - Amazon 5 Star Review
  • “Between this book, 1 tape, some star stickers, and a potty, my daughter was (happily) trained by 24 1/2 months.”

    Amazon 5 Star Review
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