Congratulations to Elisha and her son Gabriel.  Elisha’s idea about how to make music with children received the most likes in my first Facebook CONTEST and won them eight of my CDs.

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Elisha posted “My son is 5, non-verbal w/autism. Music is his outlet- anywhere we are, he listens if music comes on. He’s beginning to hum actual melodies. He loves music class. My favorite way he channels music? Recently his stimming is air guitar! Gabriel is amazing with music.”


After Elisha won, she told me more about Gabriel:

“Gabriel was diagnosed at 18 months with Autism Spectrum Disorder- he’s 5 now, non-verbal and extremely musically inclined. With autism, stimming is something that Nero-typical people notice; Gabriel’s stim is in the form of “air guitar”. We have all sorts of instruments in our home – bongos, a child-size drum kit, guitars, keyboard, etc. for Gabriel to express himself. We take Gabriel to live shows and introduce him to all genres of music. His music class is one that’s inclusive and Mr. F is like a rock star to G! As are ALL of the Sesame Street performers- he loves the music most!”

Elisha told me that she will bring my CD’s to her son’s teacher so he can share with all the students in his class.

I hope to hear from Mr.F about which CD his kids like best!

Congratulations Gabriel, and thank you Elisha for sharing your story!



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