“When the Saints Go Marching In” A Song for 4 to 6-year-olds

Hear both versions of the song.

One with Bob’s vocals

and one without


The idea to record a group of sing-along songs with and without my vocals came from teachers. Every year, I speak at a number of national workshops for teachers where I talk about the importance of music in the classroom. I hear about the challenges teachers are facing today with the Common Core and the difficulties of finding time to make music with their students. I also find out some wonderful ways in which teachers are keeping music alive. On this site, I plan to share some of their ideas with you.

A number of times, teachers have said to me, “We love all your songs, you have a beautiful voice, but we would really like to have the songs without your voice.” The first few times I heard this I simply smiled said, “Great idea.” But at some point I realized that it really was a great idea and decided to do it. I looked back at my previous sing-along CDs, Sing Along With Bob, Vol I & Vol II, and got to work.

Fortunately, when we recorded those albums we took the time to do another take or 2 with just the band. I started listening to the band tracks and remembered how great all those fantastic Toronto studio musicians were and what a fun time we all had recording 60 or more songs. I chose 15 songs from that collection for Bob’s Favorite Sing Along Songs.

Since releasing the CD, I have received wonderful and rewarding comments like, “It’s great, I can download the band tracks and use them in performances with my students.” Parents have written to me saying that the songs are great fun at home and on the road. Instead of handing their child an electronic device in the car, they are now singing together. Parents also tell me that their children feel very smart when they perform songs by themselves that they’ve learned with me. A music teacher wrote and said it was a nice idea because it is often difficult for a child to sing with a voice that is an octave lower than their natural voice. The music tracks, without my vocals, are helping children find their own voice.

I like to think of these classic songs as the Great American Songbook for children. There are many wonderful new songs being written by so many outstanding children’s artists today, but there is something very special about sharing the songs you grew up with, the classics, with your children.

I invite you to have fun singing with (or without) Bob!

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