Bob’s Favorite Street Songs

This album features classic Sesame Street songs that parents and children will enjoy together. When you hear these fresh, new arrangements of your old favorites in the styles of Jazz, Pop, Latin, and Motown, they might inspire you to be a child and sing and dance around the room!

Track Listing

1. Sesame Street Theme
2. Hi Friend
3. Right in the Middle of My Face
4. Morning Town Ride
5. The People in Your Neighborhood
6. Sing
7. Somebody Come and Play
8. Rubber Duckie
9. Put Down the Duckie
10. Bein’ Green
11. A Face
12. See You Tomorrow


  • “Classic songs from Sesame Street for parents and children to enjoy together. Sparkling Blues, Dixieland, and Calypso arrangements enhance Bob’s charismatic, tuneful voice. Included are Rubber Duckie, Bein’ Green, and Sesame Street Theme.”

    Sesame Street Parents' Guide
  • “Bob McGrath has the smoothest, most welcoming voice that just says, “Everything is going to be alright.” My favorites on this album are Sing and Somebody Come and Play; these 2 songs could be playing on the stereo at home for the kids or performed for a sophisticated cabaret audience without a second thought. Well done, Bob!”

    ssaattbb, iTunes Review
  • “I thought that this album was a great tribute to Jim Henson and Joe Raposo…I liked all the songs, especially Bein’ Green and See You Tomorrow…Great songs that are sung with heartfelt emotion…”

    P. J Parrish, Amazon Review

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Sesame Street knew from the beginning that music would play a very important role and was wise enough to hire 2 extremely talented people, Joe Raposo and Jeff Moss. Joe wrote many of the classics, including Sing, Bein’ Green, the Sesame Street Theme, and hundreds of others. Jeff wrote classics such as Rubber Duckie, People In Your Neighborhood, Hi Friend, and many dozens more.

I had the pleasure of performing many of their compositions over the years. In 1991, I decided to record what I felt were the best songs of the first 22 years of the show and dedicated the album to Jim Henson and Joe Raposo, who were no longer with us.

A special thanks to Bill Usher, who produced and mixed this CD at Chalet Studio in Ontario, Canada, for assembling 21 of Toronto’s finest studio musicians, a talented children’s chorus, and a special guest appearance by Don Francks as “Mr. Hoots” on Put Down the Duckie.

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