“RIDE BABY RIDE” A song for infants (with video)

The first song on The Baby Record is Ride Baby Ride. Katharine Smithrim and I decided to keep this recording very simple with no musical accompaniment, so you can feel comfortable doing it just as we do. All the instructions for each of the activities — bouncing rhymes, finger and toe play, action rhymes, instrument play, songs, and lullabies — are explained by Katharine or me. As you have fun doing all these activities with your baby, keep in mind that you are also nurturing your baby’s physical, intellectual, and emotional growth. As Katharine says, “All you need to do for this first one is to…put the recording on, put your baby on your knee, and off you go!”

As a father of 5 grown children and grandfather of 8 grandchildren from 8 to 23, I can say with confidence that babies love to be talked to, sung to, bounced, rocked, and played with from the moment of birth. It’s always exciting to see babies respond to a parent or caregiver who is totally focused on making a connection with their baby. Every child enjoys music and rhythm.

The Baby Record includes over 45 different activities that adults can learn and share with their babies.

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