“This Little Light of Mine” A song for 4 to 6-year-olds (with video)

Rhyming is an important pre-literacy skill that can be taught with this song, Little Light of Mine. This song can help students begin to recognize matching sounds and rhymes.

The teacher in this video shows that when you print out words and speak them, children begin to discover the words that rhyme. You can also ask them to make up other words that rhyme with “mine” and “shine.”  You’ll see in the video how proud and excited kids get when they discover the words themselves.

You can also teach long sounds by having a few kids be the “band” and play an instrument like a triangle or a finger cymbal every time they hear the rhyming words “mine” and “shine.” Let them take turns singing the song and playing in the “band.” You’ll have no trouble getting volunteer musicians to play the instruments once they recognize the fun of the challenge. This song can be found on Bob’s Favorite Sing Along Songs and on the Professional Development DVD Curriculum Connections: Using Music to Help Children Learn by Educational Activities.

Thanks to Marilyn Copeland Davidson, Music Educator, and Carol Stern, President, Educational Activities, Inc.

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