If You're Happy And You Know It...

Curriculum Connections

This video workshop gives early childhood teachers easy and powerful teaching strategies for using music in classes. Important literacy skills like phonemic awareness, sequencing, math concepts, and science skills can all be enhanced through music.

Children sing along with upbeat songs that everyone will recognize. Then, using live classroom footage, “curriculum connections” for several favorite Folk songs are shown. Teaching strategies that help educators integrate music with the rest of the curriculum are clearly demonstrated so that the techniques can be adapted and applied in classrooms.

Developed with Marilyn Copeland Davidson, a highly regarded music educator and textbook author, this program is full of helpful ideas and suggestions that teachers can use to provide valuable, memorable, and fun lessons for their students through music.

A video sample of lesson III, Rhyming, is available FOR TEACHERS

Thanks to Marilyn Copeland Davidson, Music Educator, and Carol Stern, President, Educational Activities, Inc.

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Track Listing

Lesson I: Listening to and Following Directions
The students will use the song If You’re Happy and You Know It to help children learn to follow simple directions, and increase their vocabulary by creating new verses for a son

Lesson II: Sequencing
The students will use the song, The Incey Wincey Spider, to retell a story in the correct sequence, dramatize a story, and make predictions about it.  They will also have an opportunity to plan cross-curricular activities related to science.

Lesson III: Rhyming
(Video sample FOR TEACHERS) This lesson uses the song This Little Light of Mine to recognize matching sounds and rhymes. They will also create a new verse for the song using new rhyming words, and use  print as a support for the oral activity.

Lesson IV: Initial Letter Sounds
Students will use the song, Baa, Baa Black Sheep, to help students increase their alphabet knowledge. They will also use the children’s first names to increase awareness of initial letter sounds.

Lesson V: Alliteration
The students will use the song, My Dog Rags, to help students become aware of alliteration. They will also use alliteration in an activity with the children’s names.

Lesson VI: Numbers
The students will use the song, Five Little Monkeys,  to help students understand number concepts, such as counting, associating a number with a quantity of things, and subtracting. They will also participate in a lesson reinforcing these concepts.

Reviews and Related Materials

A companion DVD to Curriculum Connections is also available from Educational Activities. This 20 min. DVD features Bob singing the same songs with a group of students from the Special Music School. Children will watch and be inspired to sing and share their ideas.

sing along songs DVD824

Watch Bob and children sing the following songs in a lively sing along!

If You’re Happy and You Know It
The Incey Wincey Spider
This Little Light of Mine
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
My Dog Rags
Five Little Monkeys

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